Giải bài tập sách bài tập (SBT) tiếng anh lớp 10 Explore new worlds unit 12 Decisions Lesson A

Discover the Detailed and Specific Solutions to Exercises in English Workbook Class 10 Explore New Worlds Unit 12 Decisions Lesson A

The English Workbook for Class 10 Explore New Worlds Unit 12 Decisions Lesson A provides detailed and specific solutions to exercises, approved by the Ministry of Education and Training as part of the curriculum innovation. With clear instructions and comprehensive explanations, students will have a better understanding of the new lesson in this program. It is hoped that the step-by-step guidance will help students grasp the lesson effectively and excel in their studies.

Bài tập và hướng dẫn giải

A.plete the sentences with the words in the box.

borrowed, budget, earn, expenses, lend, saved, student loan, taxes

1. Sandra doesn't have a lot of __________ because she lives with her parents.

2. Alex talked to his father about his expenses and together they made a ________________.

3. You can apply for a _____________ through a bank or a government program.

4. Lan _______________ money from his uncle last year.

5. Often, students who work don’t have to pay ____________ because their ie is low.

6. Can you __________ me $20? I'll pay you back on Friday.

7. Robert doesn’t __________ much money from his job.

8. Yen __________ almost all of the money she earned from her job last summer.

Trả lời: Cách làm:1. Đọc kỹ câu hỏi để hiểu yêu cầu của bài tập.2. Xác định từng từ trong hộp từ và điền vào... Xem hướng dẫn giải chi tiết

B. Circle the correct verb toplete each sentence.

1. Did you know the library has ebooks you can borrow /lend?

2. The library borrows / lends ebooks for 14 days.

3. Beatrice has a student loan. She borrowed / lent $2,500 from the bank.

4. The bank borrows / lends money to students at a low interest rate.

5. Henry never needs to borrow / lend money because he follows a budget carefully.

Trả lời: Cách làm:- Đọc câu hỏi cẩn thận.- Xác định từ cần điền vào từ hướng dẫn và ngữ cảnh của câu.- Chú ý... Xem hướng dẫn giải chi tiết

C. Match the if clause to the main clause.

___ 1. If you live with your parents,                        a. you pay interest.

___ 2. If you borrow money,                                   b. it's cheaper.

___ 3. If you save money in the bank,                   c. make sure you pay it back on time.

___ 4. If the bank lends money to you,                  d. tell them to pay you back soon.

___ 5. lf you make coffee at home,                        e. you have fewer expenses.

___ 6. If someone borrows money from you,         f. you earn interest.

Trả lời: Cách làm 1:1. Xác định điều kiện (if clause) trong mỗi câu.2. Xác định hành động chính (main clause)... Xem hướng dẫn giải chi tiết

D. Find the error with the first conditional in each sentence. Change the sentence so it is correct.

1. If she asks you for money, you will give it to her?

2. You work in this country, you will have to pay taxes.

3. If she doesn't get a job, how does she pay her expenses?

4. If they can’t get a loan, they not buy a new car.

5. You save $200 a month, if you'll have $2,400 at the end of the year.

6. If you will not graduate from college, what will you do?

Trả lời: Cách làm:1. Nhận diện lỗi trong mệnh đề điều kiện đầu tiên của mỗi câu. Sửa câu để nó đúng.2. Lưu ý... Xem hướng dẫn giải chi tiết
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