Giải bài tập chuyên đề âm nhạc 10 cánh diều chủ đề 1 Bài 1 Hợp âm ba chính (Vận dụng)

The book "Giải bài tập chuyên đề âm nhạc 10 cánh diều" is a specialized music exercise book that focuses on various topics related to music theory. In the first section, there is a specific exercise on primary triads (Application): "Identify the primary triads of the key of C Major and A Minor in the following chord progression." The book provides detailed answers and explanations for each exercise in the curriculum, aiming to help students understand and master the lesson.

For example, in this exercise, students are required to determine the primary triads of the C Major and A Minor keys in a given set of chords. By solving this exercise, students can practice and reinforce their knowledge of primary triads in different keys, thus enhancing their understanding of music theory concepts.

The book aims to guide students in applying theoretical knowledge to practical exercises, ultimately improving their musical skills and understanding. It is designed to be a valuable resource for students studying music theory and aiming to excel in their musical education.

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