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IX   Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. 1.   “Where did you meet him?” Jimmy asked. →  Jimmy asked________________________________________________________________ 2    “When should I register for the new course on Chinese?” Jim asked his teacher. →  Jim asked his teacher__________________________________________________________ 3.   Joana couldn’t decide when she should start her journey. →  Joana couldn’t decide_________________________________________________________ 4.   “You must stay in bed until next Monday!” the doctor said. →  The doctor said______________________________________________________________ 5.   I have no idea who I should call for help in this situation. →  I have no idea_______________________________________________________________ 6.   “Should I tell her the truth about her misery?” she asked herself. →  She wondered_______________________________________________________________ 7.   I’m not sure what I should do to help her overcome her mom’s death. →  I’m not sure_________________________________________________________________ 8.   “I am going to work for a new company next week,” John said. →  John said___________________________________________________________________    

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