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IV. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets 1.      I (wait) _________  until he (write) _________  his next novel. 2.      I hope it (stop) _________   raining by five o’clock this afternoon. 3.      He (finish) _________   that work before you (leave) _________   4.      Before you (go) _________  to see them, they (leave) _________   the country. 5.      I (give) _________  Mr. Brown your letter when I (see) _________   him tomorrow. 6.      Our English teacher (explain) _________  that lesson to us tomorrow. 7.      Mr. and Mrs. White (live) _________   in their new house next Spring. 8.      We (wait) _________   for you when you (get) _________  back tomorrow. 9.      He (work) _________   on the report when you (arrive) this afternoon. 10.  When we (see) _________   Mr. Johnson tomorrow, we (remind) _________  him of that. 11.  When you (come) _________  today, I (work) _________  at my desk in Room 12. 12.  I (finish) _________  the book before my next birthday. 13.  I (speak) _________   to you about that matter after the meeting tonight. 14.  A: Excuse me, waiter! This isn’t what I ordered. I ordered a chicken sandwich. B: Sorry sir. I (take) _________  this back and get your sandwich. A: Thank you. A: Would you like to join Linda and me tomorrow? We (visit) _________   the natural history museum. B: Sure. I’ve never been there. A: What’s all this paint for? You (paint) _________  your house? B: No, we (paint) _________  my mother’s House. A: Paul, do you want to go with me to the shopping mall? B: No thanks. I have something I have to do today. I (wash) _________   my car and then clean out the basement. A: Someone needs to take this report to Mr.Day’s office right away, but I can’t leave my desk. B: I (do) _________   it. A: Thanks. A: Let’s make something easy for dinner. Got any ideas? B: I (make) _________   some hamburgers. Why don’t you make a salad? A: Why did you buy so many tomatoes? B: I (make) _________  a lot of spaghetti sauce.

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2. I hope it will have stopped raining by five o'clock this afternoon.

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