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Chọn đáp án đúng: Attention, all students: In the last two weeks, several students have been caught violating the school’s dress code. On account of that, I would like to list which clothes are acceptable and which are not. Boys must wear long pants and button-down shirts. These shirts must have collars since all boys have to wear neckties as well. Furthermore, boys must wear either dress shoes or nice shoes. Sneakers, sandals, jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and other similar casual articles of clothing are not allowed. Girls must wear slacks or skirts as well as blouses. All skirts must go down below the knees of the students wearing them. Girls may also wear dresses so long as they are not too formal. The clothes that are prohibited for boys may also not be worn by girls. Students who violate the dress code will be sent to their homes to change and be given detentions or suspensions. Multiple violations of the dress code will result in them being sent to the principal’s office. We insist that all students (comply with) the dress code. Should you have any objections to the school’s dress code, I am willing to speak with you about them. Tina Wimberley Principal 31.What is the purpose of the notice? A. To announce that the dress code has been abolished B. To punish some students for wearing improper clothes C. To inform students about the school’s dress code D. To advise students to wear uniforms every day 32.What does the author say about clothing for boys? A. They are supposed to wear ties to schools.                                                     B. They may wear jeans or shorts to school. C. T-shirts are acceptable clothing for them.                                                        D. Their clothes must be ironed and look nice. 33.In the fourth paragraph, the word “them” refers to _____. A. students                                      B. their homes C. detentions or suspensions          D. multiple violations 34.What can be inferred from the notice about Tina Wimberley? A. She is planning to make the school’s dress code more casual. B. She works as a teacher in addition to serving as school principal. C. She recently began her employment at the school. D. She expects some students to violate the school’s dress code 35.The phrase “comply with” in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to _____? A. think about    B. adhere to    C. agree with    D. be proud of

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