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30. His success is _____. A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. surprisingly 31. We should _____ this road for better use. A. wide B. to widen C. width D. widen 32. He finally _____ in finding a new job. A. success B. succeeded C. successful D. successive 33. There is a _____ between the North and the South. A. different B. differ C. differently D. difference 34. The North can be characterized as _____, cooler, hillier. A. more industry B. industrial C. more industrial D. more industrially 35. People in the North say they work much _____ and speak more directly and honestly. A. more hard B. more hardly C. more harder D. harder 36. This park is very _____ to visitors. A. attract B. attraction C. attractive D. attracted 37. Here, in fine weather, can be seen hundreds of _____ people who have escaped for while from the noise and bustle of the town. A. luck B. unlucky C. lucky D. luckily 38. In the world today, there are 5000 to 6000 living languages, of which English is by far the _____ used. A. widely B. most widely C. most wide D. widest 39. He went to work as a driver on the Italian front where he was _____ wounded. A. bad B. badly C. worse D. badder 40. I liked the T- shirt _____ he was wearing. A. what B. which C. who D. whose

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