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1. Don't let me forget to phone my sister => Remind 2. Would you mind turning the radio down? => Could you 3. Please don't interrupt me all the time => Would you mind 4. We don't eat at hime. We went to a restaurant instead => instead of 5. He looks older when he wears glasses => glasses make 6. My father said I could use his car => My father allowed 7. Sue is excited about going to Spain on holiday => Sue is looking 8. I would like you to help me put the chair away => Do you mind 9. I'm always nervous when I travel by air => Traveling 10. The sudden noise caused me to jump => the sudden noise made 11. Betty let Karen keep the kitten => Betty allowed 12. It's not a good idea to travel during the rush hour => It's better to avoid 13. Don't stop him doing what he wants => Let 14. At first I didn't want to apply for the job but Sarah persuaded me => Sarah persuaded 15. My lawyer said I should'n stay anything to the police => my lawyer advised 16. They got married. They didn't tell any of their friends => they got married without 17. He was sorry he hadn't said goodbye to her at airport => He ragrett

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1. Remind me to phone my sister.
2. Could you please turn the radio down?
3. Would you mind not interrupting me all the time?
4. We went to a restaurant instead of eating at home.
5. Glasses make him look older.
6. My father allowed me to use his car.
7. Sue is looking forward to going to Spain on holiday.
8. Do you mind helping me put the chair away?
9. Traveling by air always makes me nervous.
10. The sudden noise made me jump.
11. Betty allowed Karen to keep the kitten.
12. It's better to avoid traveling during rush hour.
13. Let him do what he wants.
14. Sarah persuaded me to apply for the job.
15. My lawyer advised me not to say anything to the police.
16. They got married without telling any of their friends.
17. He regretted not saying goodbye to her at the airport.

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