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Choose the underlined word that does not receive stress 1. (We A) shouldn't (build B) cable car (system C) in Son Dong (Cave D) 2. (Is A) (Ben Thanh Market B) a (place C) of (interest D) in Ho Chi Minh City ? 3. Many (international A) (tourists B) are interested (in C) making woven (baskets) 4.I (picked A) up (a B) (piece C) of (wood C) and started carving 5. Lam and (his A) (friends B) often (go C) to the (cinema D) to enjoy the new films 6. They were (walking A) throught (Nguyen Hue Avenue B) (when C) an (accident D) happened 7. (Tourists A) (can't B) (enter C) the (War Remnats Museum D) aftef 10 pm GIÚP MÌNH ĐI LÀM ƠN !!!

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