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17.The car isn’t here today because Dick ______ it.
A. uses B. used C. is using D. has used
18.“When did you come here?” “I ____ here since last Sunday.”
A. have been B. had been C. was D. am
19.Mr. Harry ______ in the army 1980 to 1985
A. had served B. has served C. is serving D. served
20.At first you should ____ slowly for a short distance.
A. jog B. to jog C. jogging D. jogged
21.We began to jog____.
A. before three year B. three years ago C. three years past D. the past three years
22. The baby_____. Don’t make so much noise.
A. sleep B. sleeps C. slept D. is sleeping
23. Peter said that he _____ that film before.
A. didn’t see B. had not ever seen C. will not see D. has not ever seen

Exercise 1: Choose the underlined part among A, B,C or D that needs correcting.
1. When I walk past the park, I saw some children play football.
2. After John eaten dinner, he wrote several letters and went to bed.
3. What did you do at 9 o\'clock last night? I phoned you but nobody answered.
4. When I arrived at the station, the train has already left.
5. Ann and Susan have known each other during they were at school.
6. She has disappeared three days ago, and they are still looking for her now.
7. After Mrs. Wang had returned to her house work, she was cooking dinner
8. It’s the first time I saw this film
9. After he graduates university, he joined the army.
10. Up to now, there had been no woman being chosen the US president.
11. I think I won’t come to the party because I will have an interview for a job with a publishing firm.
12. When you will come to Da Lat next summer, I will take you round the city.
13. She said that she will be in Paris on Monday.
14. He wrote his diary in code so that his wife won’t be able to read it.

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